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Overdraft PrivilegeSM

Bedford Federal Savings Bank offers a convenient Overdraft PrivilegeSM Service

  • Have you ever made an honest mistake in your checkbook?
  • Found yourself "a little short"?
  • Had unusual or unforeseen expenses at the wrong time?

Rather than returning items that overdraw your account unpaid, Bedford Federal Savings Bank will consider payments of overdrafts up to $400 on free checking accounts and $700 on our regular checking accounts.

While NSF fees do still apply, you avoid the high charges from merchants for returned checks.

Overdraft PrivilegeSM is a convenient service for eligible checking accounts. Contact us today to learn more.

ATM or Debit Cards

Banking convenience almost anywhere you go! Easy to use!

  • Get cash 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Transfer funds between your Bedford Federal Savings Bank accounts
  • Detailed record of all transactions is on your monthly statement
  • No worry about running out of blank checks or carrying excess cash
  • No annual fee

Ask for an ATM or Debit Card when you open your Bedford Federal Savings Bank checking account or ask for one on your existing account.

Use your ATM Card for cash at ATM locations worldwide.

Use your Debit Card for purchases anywhere Master Card is accepted. A Debit card looks like a credit card, but works like a check. Charge catalog orders directly to your checking account. Pay for your gasoline at the pump. Eliminate the hassle of writing checks in checkout lines. A Debit card can also double as an ATM card.

To report fraud on your debit card, please call 866-842-5208.  To report your debit card lost or stolen, please call 800-264-5578.

Multiple Credit Cards

See our customer service representative for details. Merchant services also available. Contact us at 812-275-5907 for additional information.  Click here to apply.